Lesser The Needs, Happier would Be the Human Breed!

Our forefathers were and are actually more intelligent than the younger generation of today! Our forefathers were and are way beyond ahead than the SMART genX, genY and genZ of today and tomorrow. In simple terms, a way of living distinguishes us from our forefathers; where they used to live a meaningful life with huge … Continue reading Lesser The Needs, Happier would Be the Human Breed!


A Move Towards Monotony

Monotony is dull. Being monotonous is dull. Monotony is equivalent to being stuck and stagnant and leaves no room for growth. Particularly relating monotony with fashion, the industry seems to be converging towards a singleton. The famous high street brands such as H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Mango, etc. illuminate similar wardrobe stuff, with similar monotone … Continue reading A Move Towards Monotony

Remnants of the Autumn Leaf..

Winter has spangled all over the city.. the frost has frozen over the leaves of the trees.. The autumn was left far behind, when the leaves fell in nature's decree; The petals started to shed their colour and the dew drops tried to restore the serendipity.. However, wind from the  rush of car just blew … Continue reading Remnants of the Autumn Leaf..