With a shiny back from that wine dress She sways the looks with her turned face, Makes herself unseen yet so indispensable She is the lady in wine..    



Head held high up at the sky looking at the birds flying by.. The nature's rhythm simple, yet so mystical.. Musical is the sound of sea, the tree leaves  that sway merrily  at the tune of breeze, the fireflies  that fantasise  an unearthly place, the wetness of earth after the pearls drop shower,  the smell … Continue reading Wonder..

Distancing Myself!

I should better start distancing myself from the things that no longer amaze me. I should better start distancing myself from the actions that no longer serve me. I should better  start distancing myself from the people  who drain me.. I should better start distancing  myself from the  tales that no longer grow me... I should better … Continue reading Distancing Myself!