Selamat Datang/Enchanté/ Wie gehts du ?/Namaste/Welcome aboard!

to the realm of vibrant reflection of thoughts..

O! Just wait..

look around, you must be among the sparrows, pigeons, parrots; now just look down for a mo..Everything looks so small…Eeeieee.. Great, you are in sky… you’re flying, wow! look at those beautiful wings you have..but don’t forget to say hello to Mr. Sun!!

O! Now there you are riding on a camel, with a throat so dry..don’t worry, you’re in desert..soon the sand would be so cold, you’ll be wrapped in a blanket..

So now you’re enjoying your hot black coffee in bed, with quilts & blankets still on..Hey!! don’t try to throw these snow balls.. I can beat you on this..By the way wanna try a hand at ski??

Did you see those Dolphins??? Wanna come for a dive in the sea??

Ah!! This seasonal pour of raindrops on the face, don’t they just melt away the worries of the day..

OMG! did you listen?? The roar of the lion..Oh no! It’s the forest, but look at that greenery all around…that gade of fog..and those butterflies flying…

What are you thinking??? Do you still need anymore of a push??


If you are inspired by nature, or fascinated by its beauty, or its mystery and in love with it, then you are climbing the sturdy mountain, diving into the deep sea, flying in the yonder, skiing the white snow, drenching in the rain, soaking in the petrichor, watching the bright sun & walking on the right road..

In simple words, you are about to be mesmerised by the enthralled, mellifluous, mysterious, adventurous & ethereal blog.

So hold your breath & gear yourself up…


You are almost there….

Bon Voyage!

Glücklich Reise!