A Move Towards Monotony

Monotony is dull. Being monotonous is dull. Monotony is equivalent to being stuck and stagnant and leaves no room for growth.

Particularly relating monotony with fashion, the industry seems to be converging towards a singleton.

The famous high street brands such as H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Mango, etc. illuminate similar wardrobe stuff, with similar monotone coloured apparel, accessories and similar trends. All of them illuminate monochrome dull colours like black, grey, white, cream, beige, etc. with no or minimal prints or designs on them.

Almost all clothing items manufactured by these brands are plain with similar cuts and patterns and something that conveys dull. No designs, characters, knits, and stitches gets reflected via them; they are mere pieces of cloth that cover the modesty of an individual.

I mean where is the fashion going. Why all nations and countries and continents converging towards adapting a similar way of wearing same clothes. Why are we losing our vibrancy. I mean why are we without a second thought on a race towards adopting a westernised culture in our lives; what is so good about that culture that we find ours a little shady.

Each nation or a country is endowed with their sense of individuality, a way of dressing and with some staple pieces of clothing. Sometimes there is no charm in looking at people and praising their sense of dressing, because every other guy or a girl is wearing the similar cloth with similar cuts and probably the similar colour.


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