Selfless and supreme,

A pain

made her change,

her priorities

for sunbeams…

Yet she never hated them,

nor did she stop

loving them…

She taught them

for this day,

So that they could

praise her the other day..

The honest critic could

Only be she..

The best friend a child can ever have

Is she..

From partner in crime, 

to being

a doctor,

when her children were not fine..

A teacher and trainer

who never charged

A single price,

An angel like smile

that melts away

the misery and cries….!

World’s best chef

who swept away the blues

With her delicious food..

Her love and care

follows everywhere,

And so gets


Even the darkest fear..

She’s the one who

never lets a

tear drop fall

from our eyes,

Nor she ever laughs

at the failures 

that we have

been through in life.

She never asks

for the unpaid

services 24X7..

All she deserves

Are the hugs & kisses

in return….

No matter

wherever we are,

She is the only

well wisher

that can get us

through even

the darkest hour..

The bond of love

With mom is best

‘Cos for her

We are a little

Baby, who hasn’t

Grown up yet….


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