Arrival of dawn

is marked by their songs.

Yet none listen

to what they sing.

 Disappearing they are

From the world’s view.

Fading is their song

of hinted notes.

Do we ever care where

they are?..

Lost amidst the

city whirlwinds,

nobody bothers 

to the lands

they have flown! 

Shaken habitats

and the broken nests

never seem to care

where will they rest!

Coo-cooing &


the melodies are vanishing.

The dusk 

used to arrive 

in the music of cheeping,


Left behind is the blue sky 

in the barren emptiness..



One thought on “BIRDS THAT SING.

  1. pranabaxom says:

    I read this once then came back. Birds sing because it is natural to them. They may sing to please or attract their mates but they do not care for “likes”, “hugs”,”comments” etc. When our writing be like birds singing, we will be free.


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