There’s nothing in the world to be bored about.

It gives us a chance to be all out.

But there tends to be a ‘jinx’;


odds do not favour us,

it becomes hard to get back on,

when we actually want is to head on,

but it seems we are paralysed to even stand on..

Is it a change that

is vital

to be free from the trail behind

or to leave exisiting footprints

back in hind?

For to create a new,

that has never been there


all we have is this ‘presence’ to hop on

that would ignite the infinity.

Whatever the past faced

let it there rest in peace

only then the future is meant to be.!

For now

the present is all we can see

a mere inquisition will not suffice, to be at ease,

only the action would set us free…


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