sun_light_river_water_transparent_stones_day_summer_45899_2560x1024Across the lea flows a river

transparent in colour.

It flows between a meadow

and the plains of rubber.

The river sparkles in gold

under the rays of sun,

with pieces of shimmer

floating in rhythm.

The pebbles and stones are round

and soft, and water is cool and clear;

sitting on the edge of meadow

she dips her feet into the river.

The river is calm and tender

like a morning dew,

a commensal view

that binds the beauty together..!



6 thoughts on “SUNSHINE RIVER~~*

  1. says:

    You could use “early”, but it adds nothing to the sense. Why not just leave out “matutinal”
    Try reading the lines aloud, and you will hear that it works perfectly without the extra word. I was taught to use fewer adjectives. I hope you didn’t mind my intervention.


    • Shivani says:

      Thank you so much for your guidance. I would definitely look forward to what you have recommended. No, not at all did I mind your intervention. Rather I look forward to healthy and positive guidance and suggestions. Thank you once again for your precious advice.


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