Climbing the sturdy steep

urges to weep,

but, what if the journey

is abandoned in between.

What about the view

from the highest mountain peak ?

that is beguiling and alluring

but no trace of one

to commend!

What about the narrations

of courage and brawn ?

but no fellows to embrace !

What about the spirit

of rugged and robust ?

that these mountains

announce in galore..

How about the profound power ?

that comes from within

after reaching on top;

Let ‘I’ be ‘the’ epitome

to these interrogations

by elevating the standards

and creating new benchmarks

because there awaits a throne

to be conquered.!

From where the sky’s view distincts,

the wind bows down in applaud,

other hill tops picture timid,

and the crown of eminence

coruscating in rays of sun

that proclaims to be won.!

Contemplating about ‘these’

on journey to mountain top,

the paradigm of pre-eminence

scampers me towards the goal.!!



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