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milieu grasses doom!

perky spring is

confined into a barren empty gloom.

Cold raindrops clamoured onto the ground;

with deep loud cries 

glum solitude hunts for faded mirth.

Asphyxiated by sulking and wailing

the soul opened its eyes

with fervour fire within,

bequeathing the feeble slave

to this

tormented, bedevilled doom.!

Sprinting towards cascading 

version of tenacious resilience,

the slivers of sunrays fell

onto the dark ground!

the audacious flakes of hope reborn,

stand on its feet

cherishing the warmth of aura,

grimacing it, it says out loud.!

o! thou! look at those butterflies,

up in the sky the birds

fly high,

the grass exubering the green glitter,

the backdrop

elated with yellow sunny bright shimmer,

juts out the inner self,

close down eyes,

the soothing reverie comes to life…!


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