CYMERA_20151219_140320.jpgDon’t want to go home,

just want to be alone,

all on my own.!

Walk as I 

in the middle of the road,

with no fear, no tear

 life in full gear;

fancying to drive down the lane,

or on the mountain top,

all by myself

with no shoulder near..!!

Happy and excited

yet nervous so am I,

just want to feel the entire universe

through my eyes…!!!

Can’t wait to see

what next moment

has in store for me;

headphones thumping 

with songs,

I keep moving on…!!

Collywobbles in my belly 

to meet new

faces everyday,

some smiling,

some crying,

but each has

a new story  to tell..!!

Wandering like a nomad,


no care for what

overmorrow would bring,

all I have with me,

are my thoughts on to binge..!!

But till I am with me,

I know,

I can go places

wherever I want to be…!!!



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