That night the sky beheld gazillion stars. Shining brighter than ever before, as if they were actually twinkling for the first time; or maybe I looked at them in a different way. The rhythm of the breeze was full of life, with its slightest touch I was so mesmerized. The view was so beautiful and merrier. When down I looked, I immersed in a different joy. The lake had the most peaceful reflection of me. I was so in love with me. Sitting in the meadow, surrounded by green grass, with moon shining so bright competing the stars and the sweetness of air. It felt a peaceful happiness inside me. 

The next morning I woke up to soothing and dainty sunrise with a shy smile on my face. Feeling so happy and ‘so me’ at heart. My feet was intimate with the moisty grass; my derriere was cushioned by the softness of flowers; my palms were attuning to the beauty of pink flowers; my face shone brightly as sun; smile engraving deeply on face and my eyes twinkling with joy at the mystical beauty of the nature; my body in harmony with my inner beauty. Wholly I was in sync with blooming abundance.


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